Clarity in an increasingly complex research & innovation ecosystem

Informing clients with critical guidance

Our expertise provides clarity and opportunity in an otherwise noisy environment. We support academic and entrepreneurial leaders to scale initiatives, from ideation to full operations.

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Why work with us?


Impartial and unbiased, independence lies at the heart of PSICO, ensuring that our work is objective and aimed at long-term success.


We are embedded in the research and innovation ecosystem, with long-term trusted relationships. We have a unique ability to connect across government, industry and academia to achieve the orchestration needed to launch major initiatives.


We work with academic and industry teams across the applied research disciplines, assisting them to secure funding and build the strategies and mechanisms for long term success.


We focus on the critical decisions that de-risk growth and work to build the systems and incentives for teams to deliver the key impacts needed to sustain and scale initiatives.

Independent support for critical priorities

We help teams overcome silos to show the impact their work can achieve – then we collaboratively build the pathways to realize it. We do this by:

  • Supporting leaders in engaging with their communities and stakeholders

  • Creating compelling narratives around the impacts of research & innovation

  • Building the mechanisms to help teams achieve specific commitments

Actionable intelligence to compete on the global stage

We help academic researchers, universities and innovative SMEs to understand how the world is changing and how that creates opportunities to be seized and risks to be managed. Our clients use our expertise to:

  • Establish best practices around governance, operations and business development.

  • Maximize research impact through commercialization

  • Build incentives to seed new initiatives, support junior team members and grow a culture of ambition and risk-taking.

We will help you stay ahead of the shifting innovation landscape

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