We focus on paradigm shifting deep tech

Our mission is to unlock the potential for research

We achieve this by systematically scanning, founding and growing companies in innovative areas of science and engineering. We orchestrate support from inception, de-risking investments and establishing patterns for growth.

Our Story

Physical Science Innovations builds access to deep science to generate extraordinary returns

  • Founded in 2015, in Vancouver
  • We possess a unique pedigree in research commercialization. Today we leverage our world-class network of researchers to build deep tech ventures with the potential to address grand challenges of our time.
  • Our experience includes projects with a range of stakeholders, from Fortune 500 companies, government and universities that want a step change in impact.

Why we are different

We have an expert team, permanent capital base and long-term impact-focused strategy.

We have an expert team with the skill set, track record and strategic capital base to build a sustainable, diverse high-quality portfolio of deep science companies. We target 2-3 new portfolio companies a year and our goal is to deliver 3-5 companies, in which we retain a significant ownership position, to the point of product approval. We believe this will enable us to capture the significant value creation opportunity available from commercializing life science innovation and ultimately achieve our ambition to deliver transformational treatments to patients and strong risk-adjusted returns for shareholders.